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Testimonials from Doctors:

  1. I have been referring patients to Marilyn Atlas, LCSW, BCH, with the Atlas Counseling and Hypnotherapy Center in Mooresville, for the past two years. She is an extremely accomplished Board Certified Hypnotherapist and a caring and dedicated Psychotherapist. She has helped my patients with a wide range of problems, including depression, anxiety disorder, marital problems and insomnia. My patients have felt extremely comfortable with her, and have had significant improvement in their conditions. I would strongly recommend her to other patients and medical practices.
    -Lori Schneider, M.D. Neurologist

  2. I have referred several patients to Marilyn Atlas MSW, BCH for insomnia, anxiety and stress induced G.I. disorders. All my patients have responded well to her treatments. They have been able to sleep better, deal with stress effectively and resolve anxiety and G.I. symptoms. I highly recommend her due to the great response.
    -Jean-Pierre Riou, M.D., Plastic Surgeon
Testimonial from Clients:

  1. "Coming to Marilyn for hypnosis was one of the best decisions of my life. Prior to working with her, I had daily panic attacks which would wake me up at night. The insomnia was terrible after just a few sessions with Marilyn, I was able to sleep a full eight hours, and my panic attacks were eliminated."
    -Tonya S.

  2. "Words cannot truly explain how much Marilyn has helped me. She got me through some of my toughest times and helped me find the love of my life. Prior to seeing her, I had lost all hope. Thank you Marilyn for all that you have done for me. You taught me that I can actually live again."
    -Kristen C.

  3. "After only a few sessions, you have helped me to eliminate my life long fear of driving, particularly over bridges. Even after a terrible tragedy took place, thanks to you Marilyn, I was able to make a very important trip by myself."

  4. "Marilyn helped me to get a passing grade in my chemistry class. Subsequently, I was accepted and attended Harvard University."

  5. "I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you helping me to realize my true potential. I feel strong and confident again. I have had a great week for the first time in many years. I didn’t believe that I could get through my struggles until I met you; you have made me a believer."

  6. When my husband initiated marriage counseling with you, I had no idea what I was in for. Meeting with you helped me see beyond what I thought was possible. I have grown so much with your guidance. By using the tools you taught me, each day I wake up feeling happy, strong and eager to live my life.
    -Lisa S.

  7. "Marilyn gave me the tools that I use everyday to learn to let go of blame, victimization and co-dependency. I cannot say enough good things about her: professionalism and dedication to assisting people to get and be well.

  8. My 15 year old daughter had a history of freezing and not doing well on tests. Marilyn saw her for only two sessions, and she significantly raised her scores on her exams therefore improving her grades."

  9. "My daughter passed and did well on a test that allowed her to go to the next grade."

  10. "Before coming to Marilyn, I was constantly anxious. I also had a terrible fear of flying. After some sessions, I was able to go see my mother who has terminal cancer. I no longer have any fear of flying."

  11. "With only two sessions, I got over my terrible fear of public speaking and was voted the best speaker of the convention.

  12. With counseling and hypnotherapy, I passed the test necessary to become a stock broker."

  13. "Counseling and hypnosis helped me let go of my frequent outbursts of anger. My marriage was saved."

  14. "For years, I could not leave my house without checking all my appliances over three times. Marilyn helped me to get over this compulsion and improve my marriage."

  15. “Marilyn is so talented. I quit smoking without withdrawal in only two sessions.

  16. "I have stayed a nonsmoker for over nine years.”

  17. -Barbara B.,

  18. “Through counseling and hypnotherapy, I quit compulsively overeating and solved my financial problems.”

  19. “I lost 25 pounds and have kept it off with only one hypnosis session.”

  20. “When I was 15, Ms. Atlas counseled my family. My mother and I were physically harming each other. Now I am 22, have graduated from college and have a great relationship with my parents.”

  21. “Marilyn helped my children get over the trauma of divorce.”

  22. “After I was raped, Ms. Atlas helped me work through the trauma so I could return to a normal life.”

  23. “Counseling and hypnosis helped me let go of my frequent outbursts of anger. My marriage was saved.”

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